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Adani Group Company is engaged in supply of piped Natural Gas (PNG) to Households, Commercial & Industrial consumers, and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) to automotive sector. AGL is in the process of expanding its City Gas Distribution network in various Geographical Areas authorized by the PNGRB.


Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board (PNGRB) is the regulatory board constituted by Government of India to protect the interests of consumers and entities engaged in specified activities relating to petroleum, petroleum products and natural gas. In that regard, PNGRB has also formulated regulations on Technical Specifications and Standards including Safety Standards or T4S in short, in areas of City gas distribution network (CGD), Natural Gas Trunk pipelines and Petroleum & Petroleum Products Pipelines, Integrity Management System or IMS for CGD & NG Pipelines, Emergency Response & Disaster Management Plan (ERDMP) etc.

SANTANE is an approved Third-Party Agency as per the PNGRB (Third Party Conformity Assessment) Regulations, 2015 for certifying the ERDMP documents under the PNGRB (Codes of Practices for Emergency Response and Disaster Management Plan) Regulations, 2010.

Santane is awarded to carry out Certification of Emergency Response and Disaster Management Plan (ERDMP) under the PNGRB (Code of practices for ERDMP) Regulations 2010 for CGD network of 19 Geographical Areas as per PNGRB guidelines for ERDMP Certification 2010.

Scope of work ERDMP includes:

  • Review & Gap analysis Review of ATGL documents (respective GA) and submit gap analysis observations with respect to PNGRB regulations.
  • Precertification Audit to be conducted for respective ATGL GA, draft audit report to be submitted to ATGL, action plan for mitigation measures to be agreed with respective team.
  • Certification Audit report & issuance of certificate


ERDMP Certificate for each GA.