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Santane is a leading supplier of specialist recruitment and resourcing services to various industries like Energy, Housing, IT, etc., helping clients to manage gaps in their resource and expertise in industry sectors where the impact of loss is high. We have a substantial track record of working with leading international and national operating companies, design engineering companies, manufacturers and suppliers and service providers, as well as industry associations and regulators.

Our teams implement various strategies to make sure that the number and quality of resources required are provided in time to the clients.

We liaise with our clients at the onset of the award to discuss and prepare a plan covering aspect like:

  • Capacity and gap analysis;
  • Identifying and training existing staff to form the Robust Project Team;
  • Formulating a mobilisation plan for the client with specifics regarding other resources, risks, timelines etc; and
  • Considering contingency planning and backfilling strategies to cover ongoing work when staff is transferred to other projects etc.

Our Services include:

  • Resourcing Solutions (Permanent/Contract/Temping);
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing;
  • On-Site HR Support;
  • HR and Project Outsourcing; and
  • Training and Workforce Development.